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Easy Payment

    We accept payment in the following ways:
  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards
  • Western Union


PayPal is an easy, safe and fast way to pay online. It hides your financial details so you don't have to share them on the internet. It also protects your purchase so just in case there's a problem, you can get your money back. At costumecase, you can pay your costumes by Paypal, easy payment and safety are guaranteed.

Credit Cards

At costumecase.com, as we promised, customers do not have any risk of giving away the information of credit cards at all. All the credit card related information will be securely submitted to the credit card processing system by using 128-bit encryption, so that it cannot be tampered, filtered or used by unauthorized online safety guarantee system which we adapted ensures hacker-free payment circumstance for all customers shopping at www.costumecase.com. What's more, all the cookies created during your payment process will be automatically and completely deleted once you checkout. At the same time, the whole process of purchasing and making payments is easy and clear to guarantee the convenience of online shopping.

    Advantages of paying by credit cards at www.costumecase.com:
  • Payment is traceable
  • Payment is immediate and convenient which is deposited directly into account.
  • Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection. Listed below are links to some popular credit cards protection policies:

Visa's Zero Liability
MesterCard Zero Liability
Discover 100% Fraud Protection
American express: Ironclad Protection

Note:in order to prevent credit card fraud, all order over $299 will be required to provide further confirmation by sending us any of the following documents:

    1)    A Photo ID: photos of driver’s license, passport or ID card (any of these)
    2)    A photo of the front side of your credit card (with the middle 8 digits marked off to protect credit card information security)
Western Union

With more than 150 years of experience, Western Union is a global leader in money transfer services. It helps consumers businesses send money quickly and reliably. Besides, we can offer you a 10% discount if you choose Western Union. After you transferred the money, please contact us and send us the following information:

  • Sender's information:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address (Your Country)
  • Telephone No.
  • MTCN (Money Transfer Control No.)
  • Currency:

For more details, please click:www.westernunion.com

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